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About Me.

My name is Kyle Pretorius, I am 31yrs old. I have been doing development for over 10 years now. Computers has always been a passion of mine, and when I started developing websites and software, I loved the challenge! There is a process to keeping up with the times, making your code/framework/environment keep up-to-date. I have spent many years constantly adapting to the latest requirements and making my code cleaner and more efficient. Starting a new project always follows the most simple guidelines...have a plan, scope out the plan, execute the plan. Any project will need input from both parties, so I'm happy to discuss your ideas and what you need.

If you not certain who you dealing with, please feel free to have a look at my social networks below. My linkedin will give you a better understanding of my experience. Click here for more.

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My Services.

The main skills that I provide.

Full Stack Developer

From back-end to front-end coding, I'm happy to deal with anything in the Linux environment.

Desktop & Mobile Development

Developing for all the various browsers and catering to the majority of mobile devices.

Clean Code

All my projects follow a strict PSR-4 standard of coding. Readable & reusable code with comments is key.

Full Support

When getting your website or software off the ground, I will be happy to assist with any implementation and setup.

MySQL / MongoDB / Redshift

Whatever database you may use, I can assist in developing & designing.

Coding Languages

I am proficient in many, such as Javascript/Jquery, Mysql, HTML/5, CSS/3, Python & PHP with many frameworks.

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